About Us

I would like to introduce myself my name is Claire and I am the proud owner of Purrs and Paws.   

I feel very fortunate to have grown up around animals from a very young age.  One of our first pets was a dog called Goldie, she was a rescue dog and was the sweetest little girl who sadly had been used time and time again for breeding. As soon as we brought her home a happy and wonderful life had begun for her. This led me to care for and work with animals for most of my working life.

We have two dogs, Teddy and Connie. Teddy is a three-year-old Cockerpoo with an abundance of energy. Connie is a golden Labrador whom we rescued in April 2020. She is an anxious but loveable girl who struggles in social situations. Therefore we tend to walk her in less crowded places or earlier in the morning. 

In addition to Teddy and Connie, we have two Scottish fold cats- Sophie and Poppy. Sophie is the oldest member of our furry family, she is eight years old, she is my beautiful baby. Poppy is a little madam, she loves socialising with our dogs and has quite the character.

Also in our family, we have Shelly and Sammy, our Hermann tortoises! They munch on dandelions and their favourite weeds throughout the day and retreat to their heated tortoise house at night. They provide quite the entertainment for our Poppy, she sits and watches them for hours.

I have gained ample knowledge on animal behaviour,  and care in general.  I am also a keen researcher of animal welfare, and enjoy sharing what I've learnt.

Knowing how important it is for my pets to feel loved and cared for led me to open my own business Purrs and Paws.