Dog Walking

When owners are out at work, it is very common for dogs to experience "separation anxiety" when left alone during the day.

Classic symptoms to watch out for are chewed furniture, accidents, barking and crying. A walk with Purrs and Paws will provide your dog with the exercise and companionship they need.


If you are out at work or away for any reason during the day but returning at night, dog walkers provide a welcome break for your dog either whilst you are away, at work or simply too busy.
Our service includes collecting and returning your dog to your home (we will always ensure they are rubbed down with clean paws before entering the house!).

If you wish, we can keep to your routine i.e. keep your dog on/off lead.

In the interests of health and safety we must insist that your dog(s) are vaccinated and treated with a recommended flea control programme.

All our dogs are walked in a fully enclosed doggy play park providing them with a safe, fun and stimulating environment.



  • Your dog gets the exercise it needs
  • You don't feel guilty
  • No more rushing around in the morning and dark evenings to take the dog out. No more "who's walking the dog" arguments.