Cats/Small Animals Pet Sitting

We offer a professional, friendly home visiting service to look after your cats and caged animals.

This service allows your pets to stay in the comfort and security of familiar surroundings keeping their daily routine and eating habits.

Pet sitting eliminates the health risks associated with boarding as they will avoid contact with strange animals and exposure to contagious diseases. It reduces the impact caused through separation and is a perfect alternative to boarding and imposing upon friends and neighbours. Cats in particular are known to be less stressed in their own surroundings.

Caged animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats can be checked on a regular basis. We will clean cages and provide any other necessary care.



  • Less stressful for your cat
  • Eliminates Health Risk
  • Cheaper than a cattery!
  • No transporting to and from cattery
  • Vacant home security checks